AsterSwitchboard 2.0.1

With this version we introduced the blind transfer of a call.

So far, only call forwarding with an announcement that required the following steps was available:

  1. A call arrives
  2. We answer
  3. We transfer with announcement to another extension
  4. We wait for the colleague to respond and announce the call
  5. We hang up to complete the transfer

With the blind transfer the steps are simplified:

  1. A call arrives
  2. We answer
  3. We transfer blind to another extension

in this way the transfer is much faster. The disadvantage is that we will not be able to announce the call to which we are transferring it.

The blind transfer can be selected from the context menu that is displayed by clicking with the right mouse button on the extension to which you want to transfer the call or can be set as the default transfer type for drag & drop in the settings:


AsterSwitchboard 2.0

We are very pleased to announce the new release of our CTI software for Windows AsterSwitchboard 2.0.

This is an important update so we changed the major software version identifier to 2 because there is a great news: our operator panel is now compatible with Asterisk PBX 14 and 15 and all distributions based on these releases like FreePBX and Issabel.

As for the old version of the CTI also the 2.0 is available for download in free mode with some limitations, if you need more features you can buy the license for the Pro version. You can also test the Pro version for free for 30 days.

Download AsterSwitchboard 2.0 now


New features in version

Compatible with Fanvil phones

Now AsterSwitchboard can also directly manage the Fanvil X series phones. The advantages are the following:

  • Hands free calls. It is not necessary to lift the handset to start the call because the phone is put directly in hands free mode, if the caller answers, you can always lift the handset at that moment or continue the call in handsfree mode
  • Selection of the line to be engaged directly by AsterSwitchboard instead of the telephone keys
  • Put the call on hold
  • Conference

The phone configuration is performed from the File -> Settings configuration screen and by selecting the Advanced Phone tab.
Select the Fanvil phone model and enter the phone’s URL, for example: http://admin:admin@

Hands-free calls can be activated and deactivated very quickly using the menu item Actions -> Enable phone direct call

Yeastar recommend our CTI

with great satisfaction we announce that AsterSwitchboard has passed all the tests of integration with their products by the engineers of Yeastar, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of VoIP-based telephone systems based on Asterisk, distributed in over 100 countries and with more than 100,000 customers.
Now Yeastar officially recommend AsterSwitchboard on their website as a CTI solution for their telephone systems:

Yeastar CRM and CTI integration

here the instructions for configuring AsterSwitchboard with Yeastar S-Series PBXs:

Integrate AsterSwitchboard CTI Operator Panel with Yeastar S-Series PBX


New features in version

Compact view

In this version we introduced the possibility to display in a more compact way the list of internal telephones so that the AsterSwitchboard window can be resized to take up less space on the desktop. To enable the compact view select the Compact view item from the View menu:

the result will be the following:

Unwanted calls black list

Another new feature is the introduction of a list where you can enter phone numbers from which you do not want to receive further calls. The numbers are entered in the black list starting from the call log, clicking with the right mouse button on the number and selecting the entry Enter this number in the black list:

All the blacklisted numbers are visible on the Blacklist tab. The individual numbers can be removed by clicking on the green icon with the prohibition symbol:

International phone prefix

From this version it is mandatory to also specify your international phone country code in the settings, phone tab:


New features in version

It is now possible to load the services default values for many switchboard models including FreePBX and Sangoma, Yeastar S series, Yeastar N series, Yeastar U series, Elastix (Asterisk version).
If you have the default codes for these services for other models of Asterisk-based switchboard on which you have tested the operation of AsterSwitchboard send us the values and we will be happy to include them in the next release of the software.

PBX model selection


New features in version

  • Call Park management. Park timeout in settings.

    CTI parked call
  • Call hangup from AsterSwitchboard
  • Handsfree call using the phone direct call string command. This string varies depending on the phone model.
  • Compatibility with Yeastar N412 and improved support for model S
  • Preference to automatically close the pop-up of incoming call when you click the missile icon to launch the external program.
  • Translated into Portuguese thanks to the contribution of Trustvision, Lda


New features in version

  • Connection to the Asterisk CDR database to view calls history log. This log displays the history of all calls regardless of whether AsterSwitchboard is active or not at the time of call.
    It is also displayed call outcome and duration in seconds.

    CDR Log Configurazione
  • Shortcut F8 key to view and hide AsterSwitchboard.
    Option to immediately call the selected phone number from any application (for example, from an internet page, text documents, etc.) with CTRL + F9 key.
    Option to to capture the selected phone number with F9 key.
    Selezione numero

  • Now it is also possible to upload a shared address book via ODBC.


  • The historian of the last 20 calls is kept. So they can be selected from the drop-down menu.
    Ultime chiamate
  • On incoming call notification pop-up added a button with a image to open an external application with the caller’s number as parameter.
    Lancio manuale programma esterno
  • Added refresh button in contact tab to force reloading shared addressbooks contacts from via MySQL and / or ODBC.
  • Several small functional improvements.