New features in version

Compact view

In this version we introduced the possibility to display in a more compact way the list of internal telephones so that the AsterSwitchboard window can be resized to take up less space on the desktop. To enable the compact view select the Compact view item from the View menu:

the result will be the following:

Unwanted calls black list

Another new feature is the introduction of a list where you can enter phone numbers from which you do not want to receive further calls. The numbers are entered in the black list starting from the call log, clicking with the right mouse button on the number and selecting the entry Enter this number in the black list:

All the blacklisted numbers are visible on the Blacklist tab. The individual numbers can be removed by clicking on the green icon with the prohibition symbol:

International phone prefix

From this version it is mandatory to also specify your international phone country code in the settings, phone tab:

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