AsterSwitchboard 2.0.1

With this version we introduced the blind transfer of a call.

So far, only call forwarding with an announcement that required the following steps was available:

  1. A call arrives
  2. We answer
  3. We transfer with announcement to another extension
  4. We wait for the colleague to respond and announce the call
  5. We hang up to complete the transfer

With the blind transfer the steps are simplified:

  1. A call arrives
  2. We answer
  3. We transfer blind to another extension

in this way the transfer is much faster. The disadvantage is that we will not be able to announce the call to which we are transferring it.

The blind transfer can be selected from the context menu that is displayed by clicking with the right mouse button on the extension to which you want to transfer the call or can be set as the default transfer type for drag & drop in the settings: