AsterSwitchboard Download

Version 2.x beta
Compatible with Asterisk 14 and 15
  • Compatible with Asterisk PBX 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 e 15. distributions and appliance FreePBX, Sangoma, Issabel, Yeastar.
  • For the Pro version is required to purchase a new license, those purchased in the past for version 1.x will not work with this new release.
Version 1.x
  • Compatible with Asterisk PBX 10, 11 and 13. FreePBX distributions, Sangoma, Issabel, Yeastar.
  • This is the previous version of AsterSwitchboard download it only if you have an old Pro license.
  • Windows XP service pack 3 or higher required
  • The Pro version does not work on virtual machine and terminal server
  • The Free version includes a 30-days trial in Pro mode after which, if you do not buy the license, will again have the restrictions of Free

Version comparison

Free Pro
Internal extensions status (BLF) Unlimited Unlimited
Transfer, pickup and call functions with mouse on extensions 10 Unlimited
Contacts in local address book 10 Unlimited
Contacts in ODBC shared address book 5 Unlimited
Contacts in MySQL shared address book 5 Unlimited
Call log Unlimited Unlimited
CDR call log Last 10 Unlimited
Hotkeys 10 Unlimited
Open CALLTO: and TEL: links Unlimited Unlimited
Launch external program passing caller number No Yes
Presence No Yes
Unwanted calls black list No Yes
Yeastar PBX compatible No Yes
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